Providing curriculum and coaching to help multi-cultural and multi-ethnic churches thrive.
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Hello There!

Welcome to Transcend Culture, a small consulting and organizational resource group dedicated to helping churches and organizations reach across cultural & socio-economic divides.

More churches than ever are creating places of worship welcoming to every tribe, tongue, and nation. This is still the work of pioneers, with multi-ethnic churches comprising only 14% of places of worship in America. However, creating a church that looks like heaven takes more than luck or desire- it takes empowerment by the Holy Spirit, equipping with the right tools and resources and encouragement from others in this movement.

TranscendCulture exists to provide equipping and encouragement to churches who are currently, or desire to be multi-ethnic. Born as a ministry of Peoples Church, Cincinnati, OH, the tools and techniques we pioneered by TranscendCulture have helped that church become 50% non-Caucasian (matching the diversity of the city), while enabling the congregation to build relationships across cultural divides.

We can provide the same know-how to your church, school or organization. Whether it is establishing the biblical mandate for multi-ethnic congregations or helping your diverse congregation really become one family, TranscendCulture has the resources to assist.

To get started or learn more about TranscendCulture, contact us.

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What We Do
We encourage leaders by creating connections.
We equip congregations to love their neighbor- those least like them.
We're in the business of helping churches look like heaven (Revelations 7:9)
  • Speaking

    TranscendCulture can deliver transformative sermons/ presentations on a variety of topics relevant to the multi-ethnic church including: The biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church, racial reconciliation, cross cultural relationships and competence, and transitioning homogeneous churches.
  • Resource Development

    TranscendCulture has designed curriculum specific to multi-ethnic/transitioning churches. Whether your church is 50 members or 50,000 members, we have a solution that works for you. Pick from our current offerings or have us customize something for your congregation.
  • Coaching

    Learn from someone who has been there, done that. TranscendCulture can connect you with encouraging leaders in the multi-ethnic church movement who can walk with you, no matter what stage you are in. Phone and in-person connects are available.
  • Group Facilitating

    TranscendCulture facilitates signature small group experiences which can turn your pastoral leadership team, key lay leaders or even most reticent members into enthusiastic advocates, building the Body of Christ together as One.