Partnering with Christian organizations, colleges & universities to improve cultural competence.
  • Coaching Multi-ethnic life

Christian organizations, colleges & universities alike seek to have more diversity within their student body and faculty, but how?

By finding a diversity partner that holds the same core values as you. When you take corporate diversity training into a Christian school or organization, there will always be something missing. The objectives are compelling but not kingdom building. At TranscendCulture, we understand the business case for diversity, but we believe in the Biblical case for diversity. We have a number of consulting options that can help your school or organization attract and retain diverse talent:

  • Visioning Sessions for Leadership- TranscendCulture can facilitate a session for your leadership to set diversity goals and intentional steps to reach those goals.

  • Inclusion Team Building- Building relationships within a diverse team are essential to retention. TranscendCulture can design experiences that strengthen unity among teams.

  • Diversity Training for Instructors- Prevent faux pas in the classroom that can hurt opportunities to retain diverse students by increasing the cultural competence of your instructors.

  • It is our desire is to continue to partner with Christian organizations, colleges & universities to improve cultural competence.Please let us know how we can better equip your orginization

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    What We Do
    We encourage leaders by creating connections.
    We equip congregations to love their neighbor- those least like them.
    We're in the business of helping churches look like heaven (Revelations 7:9.)
    • Speaking

      TranscendCulture can deliver transformative sermons/ presentations on a variety of topics relevant to the multi-ethnic church including: The biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church, racial reconciliation, cross cultural relationships and competence, and transitioning homogeneous churches.
    • Resource Development

      TranscendCulture has designed curriculum specific to multi-ethnic/transitioning churches. Whether your church is 50 members or 50,000 members, we have a solution that works for you. Pick from our current offerings or have us customize something for your congregation.
    • Coaching

      Learn from someone who has been there, done that. TranscendCulture can connect you with encouraging leaders in the multi-ethnic church movement who can walk with you, no matter what stage you are in. Phone and In-person connects are available.
    • Group Facilitating

      TranscendCulture facilitates signature small group experiences which can turn your pastoral leadership team, key lay leaders or even most reticent members into enthusiastic advocates, building the Body of Christ together as One.