Oneya Fennell Okuwobi

Co-author of Multi-Ethnic conversation An Eight-Week Journey Toward Unity in Your Church. It is the first personal devotional and small group study on multi-ethnic life and church designed for people in the pews. This eight-week experience provides understanding of the biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church and practical insight for doing life together with diverse others. Oneya has previously written Crossonomics, a study designed to bridge socio-economic gaps and Transcend, a workbook designed to stimulate conversation on racial issues.


From 2008-2016 Oneya served as the Director of Cross Cultural Education at Peoples Church, Cincinnati, OH. The curriculum she helped created has helped the church transform from a 98% Caucasian commuter church to a church that reflects the diversity of the city (25% international, 25% African American and 50% Caucasian). Oneya provides education opportunities to groups via speaking and small group facilitation that are designed to move congregations forward in the journey to becoming multi-ethnic.

Business Person

Oneya worked as Group Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble. She has worked there for the past 14 years in a variety of roles. Her key achievements have included 5 -year strategic planning for the personal care business, contract negotiation with national customers and suppliers, managing internal audits for our treasury and banking departments, and financial analysis of key initiatives.


Founding elder of 21st Century Church Along with her husband, Oladele (Dele), Oneya is founding elder of 21 Century, a church plant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Background & Education

Oneya graduated college in 2001 and became a Christian very shortly thereafter. She has been involved in ministry continuously since her conversion while working full time at Procter & Gamble. Her ministry experiences include youth ministry and multi-cultural education.

She is graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A. - Economics), Regent University (M. Div. Practical Theology),The Ohio State University (Master in Sociology), The Ohio State University (P.H.D Candidate 2020)


Oneya is married to Dele Okuwobi and they have one daughter- Cadence.

Extraneous Information

Oneya is a self-proclaimed “southern girl”, having been raised in Virginia and lived in New Orleans, which means she loves life with little extra spice! She loves to travel, especially internationally, and her favorite places in the world include Paris, France, White River, South Africa, and Maui. Cooking and eating are favorite hobbies and she especially appreciates simple food, executed perfectly (or topped with bacon).
Oneya F. Okuwobi, director of TranscendCulture.
At TranscendCulture our business is to help churches look more like heaven.

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