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Providing curriculum and coaching to help multicultural and multi-ethnic churches thrive.
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Resource Development

Turning salad bowls into stew pots

Salad bowl or Stew Pot- which is your congregations more like? When diverse Christ-followers begin to do church together, often they will come together in the same place for worship but remain separated by race, ethnicity, or socio-economic group. Although they have come together, they are in the “salad bowl” phase and have not yet fulfilled the vision of church like heaven. All of the flavors present are distinct and separable.

When your congregation becomes a stew-pot, all the gifts of the diverse cultures present are mingling with each other and emerging as something completely new. This continuum was described as the cross-culture worship model (CCW) by Barron Witherspoon Sr. in his The Fallacy of Affinity. In the CCW, congregations move from Integration- simply being in the same room, to Penetration- gaining insight into the values of each other’s cultures to Reconciliation- “a state of Christian symbiosis characterized by high trust level, candid communication, and shared leadership.”

At TranscendCulture, our materials are specifically designed to help churches move from Integration towards Reconciliation. We do this by taking the toughest issues head on, with love and grace. As individuals and groups use our resources, they will learn about themselves and others on issues of race and ethnicity, begin to confront cultural blind spots, and start subsurface conversations that will lead to increased levels of trust among diverse Christ followers.

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What We Do
We encourage leaders by creating connections.
We equip congregations to love their neighbor- those least like them.
We're in the business of helping churches look like heaven (Revelations 7:9.)
  • Speaking

    TranscendCulture can deliver transformative sermons/ presentations on a variety of topics relevant to the multi-ethnic church including: The biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church, racial reconciliation, cross cultural relationships and competence, and transitioning homogeneous churches.
  • Resource Development

    TranscendCulture has designed curriculum specific to multi-ethnic/transitioning churches. Whether your church is 50 members or 50,000 members, we have a solution that works for you. Pick from our current offerings or have us customize something for your congregation.
  • Coaching

    Learn from someone who has been there, done that. TranscendCulture can connect you with encouraging leaders in the multi-ethnic church movement who can walk with you, no matter what stage you are in. Phone and In-person connects are available.
  • Group Facilitating

    TranscendCulture facilitates signature small group experiences which can turn your pastoral leadership team, key lay leaders or even most reticent members into enthusiastic advocates, building the Body of Christ together as One.